Une maman douée de ses doigts...

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Une maman douée de ses doigts...

Messagepar Aynis » 18 Juin 2015, 11:48

Une personne sur Reddit a un matin eu la visite de sa mère (crafteuse IRL :p), 67ans, pour lui demander son avis sur ses dernières créations et si c'était une bonne idée d'ouvrir une boutique Etsy...
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Grand Company Banners
Grand Company Banners

So my 67 year old mother has always been rather crafty. She has a background in costume design and prop making. So when she came to my house to show me her latest venture asking if she should start up an Etsy account I was speechless. Tell me what YOU think? **UPDATE** If you are interested in purchasing these banners (wow there are a lot of you), you can send an email to jayecrafts@gmail.com for more information now! :) Etsy will be up within the next couple days.

She cut, sewed, painted and embroidered them all by hand. She said she wanted an "authentic" appearance.

She plays FFXIV and her claim to fame is her 50 botanist but she loves the world and the art and thought she could make something cool.

One CRAFTY old lady (my mom) - Grand Company Banners
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